Back to School Home Improvement Ideas

Sending the kids back to school is a bittersweet moment. On the one hand, there is finally silence, you don’t have to come up with endless new activities, and you don’t need to hide in the cupboard, if you don’t want to share your snacks.

On the other hand the house may start to feel a little bit empty, and even a tad quiet. But what’s wonderful about this time of the year is that you can finally organise some home improvement projects, which have been postponed though the summer.

Here are some home improvements you can start working on when the kids go back to school.

  • Repurpose the Space

What served as a play room, or play-space in the summer, can now fit a yoga mat or treadmill, a desk for writing, or space for painting. Now that the kids won’t be spending much time at home, you can dedicate some space to your own hobbies (at least till the next school holidays).

  • Organise you Home

There is finally time for a good deep clean and some storage organisation. Sort all the clothes that are too small, or have never been worn, and organise them for donation. Do that with the toys too but of course, don’t forget to consult with your kids too before you accidentally donate a toy they wanted to keep. Finally, buy some new organiser boxes, and sort out all the clothes by season.

  • Get the House ready for the colder weather

Back to school inevitably means the temperatures will be going down as well. Now that the kids are not in the way you can book your annual boiler service, powerflush or even a boiler installation.

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  • Paint

Refresh the living room or bedroom paint without fear of kids hand prints forever memorised on the walls. While painting can be a fun family activity with the children, it’s so much faster and easier without the little picassos running around.

  • Add space for the morning take-off

Make your morning get-ready-for-school routine smoother by clearing the hallway of unnecessary obstructions, or clearing some extra kitchen space. The purpose is to have a dedicated space where the kids can organise their backpacks, tie their shoes, say goodbye and rush for school, without worrying they’ll knock something down, or break that expensive vase.

Any other ideas for back to school home improvement projects?

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