Frighten your friends with these insane Halloween Recipes!

While you put together all of those loose ends for this year’s Halloween party over the weekend, you may want to take a look at what we’ve put together. We know these recipes are not conventional, but neither is a Zombie costume.

Go way out of your comfort zone this Halloween, and make something that will have your guests do a double-take. Seriously, these scary recipes will make you rethink that boring old artichoke dip.

  • Artisan Meat Head: One Lovely Meat Head

  • Brain Biscuits:

Yes they look like actual brains

  • Monster Apple Bites:

One eyeball is much more Spooky

  • Blood Clot Biscuits:

Surprisingly delicious

  • Halloweeño Jalapeño Popper Mummies:

The cutest addition to a menu of horrors.

  • Rat Plague Brown Bites:

Be careful…. They bite

  • Eyeball Pasta:

This pasta is watching you, so there is no need to feel guilty about the carbs. You’ll run into more trouble if you don’t

  • Shrunken Head Punch:

Your guest will get a real kick out of this one

  • Whole Wheat (Healthy) Witch Fingers and Dips

  • Voodoo Doll Cookies:

As a tribute to anyone who has done you wrong

  • Black Spaghetti:

Don’t be afraid this is a Gourmet dish

  • Ghoul Crackers and Black Bean Dip:

These crispy crackers deserve to be dipped

  • Vampire Cocktail:

One shot just won’t do, so try 2!

  • Graveyard Taco Dip:

People will be dying to try this one

Image result for graveyard taco dip

  • Bloody Brain Shooter:

You can’t resist it, you just can’t.

  • Human Torso Appetizer Plate:

How well do you know your anatomy

  • Tentacle Pot Pie:

Creative on the inside, classic on the outside


  • Vampire Cookies:

Absolutely Fangtastic

  • Spider Deviled Eggs:

These deviled eggs are crawling with flavour

  • Vampire Caramel Apples:

These apples come with a bite


We hope you found these ideas helpful… If you have any exciting Halloween Recipes then please leave us a comment below.


Happy Hallows Eve!!!



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