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4 Things to expect from a good heating engineer

Heating Engineers are highly specialised professionals that have the expertise to keep your boiler working the way it should.

Knowing what to expert from your expert can help you ask the questions that will help keep your home warm …

  • Willing to give you honest advice 

What’s best for one home may not be best for another, so it’s important to ask your heating engineer what is best for you and your needs. Most reputable engineers will listen to your needs and get an understanding of what is best for you, not what is best for them.

This means being upfront about the amount of work that is being carried out and most importantly, why it needs to take place. Any trade that seems to be unwilling to answer questions may not be the kind of trade that you want installing or maintaining your boiler.

  • Being polite and punctual

Professional trades should have a clear time schedule so that you, the client will know exactly what time frame they will be working and how long the job should take. Most of the time, this isn’t an issue but it’s always a good idea to speak to your engineer before any work takes place, just so everyone is clear. A professional will not mind this at all and will in fact encourage this.

Sometimes, things happen that can’t be foreseen, but a good heating engineer will take the time to explain why that is the case and also phone ahead if he will be late.

A good heating engineer will also treat your home with respect. This can be as simple as asking you about your house rules to actively wearing overshoes to keep your home clean. While most engineers will make sure the area they are working on is clean and clear, a good heating engineer will extend that care to everything that they do while working from home.

  • Give you a clear quote breakdown 

Nobody likes hidden fees or paying more than they expected. A good heating engineer will be able to provide you with a professional looking quote that gives you a clear breakdown of all the costs that go into a job.

Coming to your home and seeing the situation is a must, because that allows an engineer the ability to accurately weigh up exactly what is needed for the job. This also helps with reducing additions to the price once the job has been completed.

  • Have a good line of communication

Being able to contact your heating engineer is very important both before and after the job. A good heating engineer will give you multiple ways to reach them, whether that’s by phone and email or other means. A customer should never feel like you do not know what is going on, and if you do, then you should feel comfortable to talk to your engineer and get the answers you need.

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