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Carbon Monoxide detected from Boiler

We received a call from the H. family in St. Albans. They were in a pretty poor state. The carbon monoxide alarm had been triggered so they had shut off all the gas, which was exactly the right thing to do. But it was a very cold Sunday evening and the first plumber they called hadn’t arrived.

We sent an engineer immediately and he was accompanied by an apprentice. The engineer carried out some tests and the fault was tracked to a corroded connection to the boiler flue. The engineers didn’t have a new flue connection in the van, so they isolated the boiler in order that they could restore gas to the rest of the house. A couple of fan heaters kept the worst of the cold at bay!

We returned first thing the next morning having collected the correct flue fitting from our suppliers. The flue was fitted, the boiler re-tested and left safe. The house warmed up again very quickly.

experienced engineers repairing boiler flue
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