Hidden Plumbing Leaks ..

  Why are hidden leaks in your home the most dangerous of all? Leaks can cost you hundreds or even thousands of  pounds in repair bills. Recognising the warning signs of a hidden leak could stop the leak from causing expensive structural damage to your home. Leaks increase your water bills over time as they worsen and cause damage to your property. They are also the cause of mould and mildew that may affect your Read more about Hidden Plumbing Leaks ..[…]

How to keep your home warm this Winter?

Trying to keep your home warm in the winter can certainly turn into a stressful task when you’re on a budget. While surprising numbers will prefer to put on a jumper or wrap up in a blanket, a lot less would consider draught-proofing their home or making sure the pipework is insulated. Other ways to keep your home warm can include bleeding your radiators, making strategic interior changes, or investing in modern appliances, with an Read more about How to keep your home warm this Winter?[…]

Plumbing tips every Homeowner should know

Whether you just bought your first house, or you’re an experienced homeowner with a few properties under your sleeve, there are some plumbing tips you should know. Problems with your plumbing system are bond to occur at some point, and knowing what to do can be crucial in preventing damage to your property. There are numerous plumbing tips for homeowners out there, since everyone has had to deal with a plumbing issue at some point Read more about Plumbing tips every Homeowner should know[…]

My Boiler is leaking – What should i do next?

Finding a boiler leak can really ruin your day, and somehow it always happens at the least convenient time. Although, lets’s admit it, who is ever ready to face a leaking boiler without worrying about their budget and safety? The good news is, a boiler leak will rarely pose a a danger to your household but you still need to address the problem as soon as possible. In most cases, a Gas Registered Engineer will Read more about My Boiler is leaking – What should i do next?[…]

Frighten your friends with these insane Halloween Recipes!

While you put together all of those loose ends for this year’s Halloween party over the weekend, you may want to take a look at what we’ve put together. We know these recipes are not conventional, but neither is a Zombie costume. Go way out of your comfort zone this Halloween, and make something that will have your guests do a double-take. Seriously, these scary recipes will make you rethink that boring old artichoke dip. Read more about Frighten your friends with these insane Halloween Recipes![…]