Signs your Boiler needs replacing

When it comes to replacing boilers, remember, age is just a number. There’s a misconception that when a boiler reaches a certain milestone you need to get rid of it and and have a new one installed. This really isn’t the case. With a few tweaks and regular servicing your boiler can live well into old age. However, in some situations, there’s no alternative to “out with the old in with the new”. Take a Read more about Signs your Boiler needs replacing[…]

Benefits of Plumbing and Heating Services

Your plumbing and heating system within your home is very important. Making sure that they are both working efficiently. At Baker Smith Ltd. we have only the best plumbers and engineers on board, with years of experience being carried with them on every call out. Below we are going to tell you why we are so difference from other companies. Including the benefits of our plumbing and heating services.   About Us   As you Read more about Benefits of Plumbing and Heating Services[…]

Water saving tips during the summer

    During the summer months, when there is a shortage of rain and everything dries out, you might want to take water saving tips into consideration to save you money and limit your water usage. Why Use Water Saving Tips? When it’s hot an extended period of time, it can become difficult for there to be enough water across the entirety of the UK. Although we may not necessarily run out of water, if Read more about Water saving tips during the summer[…]

8 Tips to save on your Water Heating

According to the Energy Saving Trust each household in the UK uses on average around 360 litres of water each day. Roughly 20 percent of your household heating bill is for heating your hot water so learning how you can use water more efficiently will help you save more money on your energy bills. A good place to start is by checking with your water supplier to see if they offer any free gadgets that Read more about 8 Tips to save on your Water Heating[…]


What we associate with our bathrooms today – comfort, privacy and hygienic conditions – is the result of thousands of years of civil engineering and changes in society. There are many features such as plumbing, hot water, flushing toilets and ventilation that are taken for granted in our bathrooms. Even though humans have always always had the need to use toilet facilities and have used bathing as a way to cleanse themselves, it took centuries Read more about A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BATHROOM[…]