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DIY!! Or is it time to call a plumber?

There are always odd jobs to do around the house, whether it’s cleaning out the drains or changing a fuse. But when it comes to the plumbing, it can sometimes be hard to know whether to call a plumber or try to tackle the problem yourself.

The main issue with DIY plumbing is that something can easily go wrong and when it does you could end up paying more to get it properly fixed. DIY jobs gone wrong can give you a bigger mess than you had bargained for. Despite this,  there are a lot of simple tasks which you could attempt yourself, such as unblocking the drains, changing a shower head, fixing a leaky tap.

And then there are some more complex plumbing situations where it could be a very good idea to call a plumber for example, jobs involving fitting a bathroom or kitchen, fixing main pipes, jobs involving gas or electrics and any other large plumbing jobs.

If the job is particularly complex, don’t be tempted to save a bit of money to do it yourself – it could be cheaper in the long run to call a plumber. A qualified plumber knows best when it comes to implementing the most cost effective solution for your home. It is also safer , especially if the job involves your home’s central heating or boiler.

A gas safe registered plumber will be able to do the job quickly and safely with minimal hassle.

If you have a plumbing or heating job that needs sorting out or too big to tackle on your own, give Baker Smith a call on 01727730590…. We are highly knowledgeable, professional, gas safe registered and more than happy to help.

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