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How do you know when it’s the right time to get a new boiler?

Did you know, your boiler is one of the most intensively used household appliances? But unless your heating suddenly stops working or your water doesn’t heat up, faults can go unnoticed.

We have become so accustomed to being warm that when our boilers breakdown it feels like a complete disaster, it’s a known fact that boilers don’t last forever, so if you are finding that your boiler is becoming slightly unpredictable it could be time to ask yourself, Do I need a new boiler?

The more reliable your new boiler is, the less money you will need to spend on expensive repairs, we’ve gathered together some signs that are telling you your boiler is on it’s way out!

Signs your boiler needs replacing

  • Strange Noises

Just like anything with time, parts can wear away, although these can be replaced it can be more cost effective to buy a brand new boiler. If your boiler is making any popping or hissing sounds when it’s on you need to get it investigated by an engineer, Baker Smith Ltd offer a fast, efficient and reliable boiler service.

  • Regular Repairs

You should annually service your boiler by an approved plumber, servicing your boiler is essential to ensure the smooth running and prevention of breakdowns and issues. Baker Smith Ltd will send out a qualified gas safe engineer who are more than qualified and experienced enough to provide you with the highest standard of boiler servicing. However, if your boiler is in a constant state of repair, it may be time to think about replacing it.

  • Its Old

If your boiler is over 10 years old it might be worth replacing it. Even if it functions fine, the older it gets the more likely it is to breakdown, it is more than likely less efficient than a new boiler. So although getting a new one might seem like an expensive option it can save you money in the long run.

  • It Leaks

It goes without saying that any leak should be investigated immediately, not only because of water damage, but also because it can develop into a carbon monoxide leak, which can be highly dangerous.

  • The Water Temperature Fluctuates

If your hot water takes a while to heat up or runs hot and cold when running, then you probably need to replace your boiler if repairs don’t improve the situation.

  • Your Boiler is giving off a bad smell

A healthy boiler will never emit any odour, if it does it needs to be investigated by a professional right away. Any faint smell could indicate a carbon monoxide leak, Although carbon monoxide itself is odourless, a smell could be created because leak is causing the boiler not to burn properly.

  • Your Energy bills are increasing

If your energy bills are increasing faster than normal, it could be down to an insufficient boiler. The older a heating system gets the more it can cost to run.

What types of boiler are there?

There are many makes and models of boilers, however there are three main types if gas condensing boilers to choose from;

  • A Combination Boiler

Commonly known as a combi boiler, heats water as and when you need it which in turn eliminates the need for a storage tank. This is suited to to a smaller home, with only one bathroom.

  • A Heat Only Boiler

This can also be known as a conventional boiler, meaning you will have a hot water tank or cylinder where hot water can be stored for later use. This type of boiler is well suited to a larger home where more than two people and living there.

  • A System Boiler

Just like a heat only boiler, but more components are built in. This then makes system boilers easier to install than conventional ones, and as an added bonus they take up less space.

Our Gas Safety registered engineers at Baker Smith Ltd will be happy to advise you on which boiler is suited for you and your home.

Do I need a specific size boiler?

When choosing the best size bole for your home you should take into consideration;

  • The heating and hot water capabilities of the boiler
  • The physical size of your boiler and whether it will fit in the space you have it destined for

The correct heating size of the boiler will be something completely unique to you and your home, for example how many bathrooms does you home have? How many people live in your home? This is something one of our qualified engineers will be able to discuss and recommend the correct size boiler for your home.

Boiler Installation

Before boiler installations happen you need you need to find a gas safe installer, Baker Smith Ltd. have a great team of experienced and more than qualified gas safe qualified engineers.

One of our dedicated team members will come and survey your home, whilst advising you on the costs and other factors surrounding the installation. Our engineer will check your entire heating system and asses what factors need repairing or replacing.

If the boiler installation is straightforward, and you’re having a combination boiler fitted, then the fitting should take a day, the engineer will then remove your existing boiler and fit the new one, as well as replace any other components of the heating system as outlined in the quote for the job.

Why choose Baker Smith Ltd?

At Baker Smith plumbing and heating, our experienced engineers are fully qualified and provide a professional and efficient service for domestic jobs or individuals, Landlords and property agents in the st Albans, and surrounding areas including London. Our gas safe registered team of plumbers and heating engineers are dedicated to providing the highest quality of workmanship.

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