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How to keep your home warm this Winter?

Trying to keep your home warm in the winter can certainly turn into a stressful task when you’re on a budget. While surprising numbers will prefer to put on a jumper or wrap up in a blanket, a lot less would consider draught-proofing their home or making sure the pipework is insulated.

Other ways to keep your home warm can include bleeding your radiators, making strategic interior changes, or investing in modern appliances, with an excellent energy efficiency rating.

Keep your home warm this winter with our excellent tips:

  1. Insulate, insulate, insulate

Heat doesn’t just escape through gaps and cracks, it can also sneak out through the loft or the walls. To prevent this from happening, and keep the warmth inside, consider installing a loft insulation or even the more costly cavity insulation – after all it can save you as much as £160 per year from your energy bills.

2. Thermostatic radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves gives you better control over your heating, and allow you to set it up so it only turns on at desired times. Or take it one step further with a smart thermostat, which you can control from your phone. With no unnecessary heating you can choose when your house needs to be warm.

3. Upgrade your older boiler

We know, you’ve shared many winters together, and your fellow boiler has been supporting you through the biggest cold spells. But if your boiler is aging it might also be adding unnecessary pounds to your bills. Upgrade with a boiler installation to a more efficient model and you could be saving lots. And if you’re thinking about a new boiler already, contact our friendly team to book a quote.

4. Bleed the radiators

As mentioned above, bleeding the radiators can really help your home stay warm. Though it sounds scary, it’s not a complicated operation – it simply means the trapped air at the top of the radiator will be released, ensuring the hot water will be able to rise to the top.

5. Rearrange the interior

If any objects are blocking your radiators, make sure to move them around and free the space in front of them to allow heat to circulate freely. And if you have high ceilings and you’re worried about the heat rising then good idea might be to install shelves above the radiator to stop the upwards movement of the warm air.

6. Get cosy with rugs

Nothing says cosy winter like a thick rug and some fluffy socks. Best of all – your rug will also keep the warmth from escaping through the floor and keep your house nice and warm.

7. Let the light in

The low winter sun ray can feel proper toasty when coming in through the window glass. If your windows are well insulated, open the curtains wide through the day to benefit from a free room warm up.

keeping your home warm in winter
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