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How to Pet Proof your Plumbing

We all love our fur babies. They’re part of the family after all. However, every pet owner knows their furry friends come with some unique challenges. Hair, unexpected messes and chewed up household items are all part of the pet experience. Yet, one aspect of your home you might be overlooking is your plumbing. We’re not just talking about dogs drinking toilet water or your cat jumping in the shower. Let’s explore some ways to make your pets more plumbing-friendly.

Wash Your Pets Outside

If your pet sheds, you know that hair gets just about everywhere. It should come as no surprise then that a lot a of that hair can wind up in your drains. In addition to hair, all of that mud and grime your pets’s acquired can jam up your plumbing. When giving your pet a bath, avoid more hair clogging up your pipes by washing them outside or in a portable tub you can dump out somewhere else.

If you must wash your pet in the tub, invest in a good drain protector. It might be gross , but your pipes will thank you. Bath time might not be your pet’s favorite activity, but you can at least get through it knowing your plumbing is safe.

Use Drain Stoppers In Your Tub or Sink During Bath Time

If you are planning on giving your pat a bath, using a stopper or strainer to block animal hair from entering the drain is a key way to protect your pluming. Some animals, especially dogs, can have thick, coarse hair that shed. Using a strainer or stopper can help block animal hair, which will help prevent clogging.

Keep Your Toilet Lid Closed

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It’s not common for dogs and even occasionally cats, to try to drink from the toilet. This is unsanitary and can also be bad for your pet. The residue left from toilet cleaners and other chemicals are unhealthy to ingest for your furry friend.

Don’t Flush Kitty Litter or Cleaning Supplies

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When it comes to all of the fun messes your pets leave behind., It’s never a good idea to flush them down the toilet. many people incorrectly prefer this option because it won’t stink up the trash, but it will ultimately do more damage in the long run. Things like paper towels or cleaning wipes clog your toilet, as can the pet hair that will undoubtedly accompany them.

Another big flushing no-no is kitty litter. Many brands may claim to be flushable, but they clog over time. It may seem convenient at the time, but you will be in for quite the headache later when your toilet gets blocked or won’t flush.

Don’t Let Your Dogs Dig

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This is easier said than done for many breeds, but the fact remains that enthusiastic digging could lead to major plumbing issues. Water and sewer are sometimes buried as shallow as 1¹⁄² feet below ground. If you is a fan of subterranean exploration, he or she might accidentally damage one of these pipes. Identify where your sewer and/or water lines are and do your best to keep your dog away from these areas. If you’ve already experienced this, it might be time to look into excavation services.

Install Pressure Balancing Valves on Your Faucets and Shower heads

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If you have ever been showering only to get scalded when someone flushes the toilet, you have experienced life without pressure balances valves. These occurrences can make bathing a pet, which may already be a difficult process, even harder. Installing pressure balancing valves on your showers and sinks removes this problem entirely.

Happy Pets, Happy Plumbing, Happy Homeowner

With a little planning and a lot of patience, you can pet-proof your plumbing and ensure a happy environment for human and animal alike. If you’re thinking hindsight is 20/20, no worries! Baker Smith Plumbing and Heating Services offer tons of services and products to get your house in order once more.

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