19th March 2019

Life at Baker Smith

What we do 

Baker Smith Ltd is a home maintenance provider, qualified in all aspects of plumbing, heating, boiler, and drainage work. We believe in looking after our customers’ homes, delivering the very best possible service and putting peace of mind at the heart of everything we do.

From humble beginnings as a two-man team, Baker Smith has grown to become one of the busiest and most respected plumbing companies in the UK. With an excellent network of highly skilled engineers and first-class support staff at our Head Office, Baker Smith is the number one choice for customers who need their home maintenance done right first time.



Our values

In an industry where other tradesmen cut corners, Baker Smith are committed to doing things correctly for our customers. We engage only the very best local engineers and staff with the right qualifications and most importantly, the right attitude that you can always rely on us.

The rewarding feeling gained from providing the peace of mind that Baker Smith offers customers, and the gratitude we receive from them in return, is why our employees are truly proud to be part of this fast growing company. Every day, everyone pulls together to continue to create the superb service for which are known.

Despite how much we’ve grown, there’s still a strong atmosphere of family and teamwork which really makes Baker Smith a wonderful place to work. You only need to browse through some of our positive reviews, letters and telephone calls received from our customers to know that the service we provide is valued and appreciated – and we’re proud to say that this is down to the hard work of our indispensable engineers and staff!



Benefits and rewards

As well as a highly competitive salary and a generous holiday allowance, many of our roles have fantastic bonus packages that reward your hard work and commitment to customer excellence. However, we understand that people work for more than just a paycheck.

 Our engineers know they can rely on Baker Smith for job security and through expert marketing we provide them with a steady flow of work and income, in addition to administrative support and customer liaison.

We also pride ourselves on our happy, vibrant and energetic workplace. Whether it’s a day out with the girls, boys, quiz night with the whole team, or the unmissable Christmas party, there’s always something going on!





Our Charity Image result for british heart foundation


We support the British Heart Foundation and are inspired by their work so we organise a marathon in which we do every year to raise money for this charity that is close to our hearts.

This year we are each taking part in a 26 mile run in the month of May which will end on the 25th of May.

The more people who know about the British Heart Foundation, the greater the impact, so please spread the word by sharing our page with you family and friends.

Thank you!




Training and development

Our employees’ professionalism, dedication and ambition to deliver the very best customer service set Baker Smith apart as a business, and we believe in recognising and developing these qualities. 

When you join Baker Smith as an engineer, you become part of highly experienced network of professionals who understand the importance of sharing best practice and expertise. We’re also committed to helping you develop your skillset; we regularly send our engineers on courses and skill development sessions, so you can rely on Baker Smith to help you further your professional capabilities. 

If you’re joining the administrative and logistics teams, you’ll have the full support of our dedicated manager, helping you gain all the skills and abilities you need to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.

Furthermore, with year-on-year growth and record achievement, there are always new opportunities and development possibilities.  If we’re going to become the UK’s number one maintenance provider, we’ll need a smart, ambitious and enthusiastic team to help us get there. If you’ve got that spark and drive and determination that we’re looking for, we hope you’ll share a bright, happy and rewarding future with us.