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Magnetic attraction – the benefits of installing a magnetic filter on your heating system

Generally, we recommend fitting magnetic filters. They are small magnetic units, relatively cheap, that trap any dirt, Ferrous debris and sludge found in the heating system before it can do any damage to your boiler and controls. It’s a small expense that in the long run can save you hundreds of pounds. Easy to install, the filter will be cleaned at your annual boiler service to prevent damage from rusting and debris in your central heating system that can lead to blockages and boiler breakdowns.

Going without a magnetic filter will mean no sludge or debris is recovered yearly – causing a buildup in the system that will eventually need a power flush if left untreated – or if things are so built up you may need a new system altogether! You can save all this hassle (and a lot of money) with a simple magnetic filter device that fits on your boiler and can be emptied yearly at your annual boiler service.

Here are 6 top benefits to having a magnetic filter fitted to your boiler:

  1. Increased efficiency for your boiler and heating system. They’ll be no debris left to circulate your heating system, it’ll all get trapped in the filter.
  2. Debris in heating systems leads to numerous problems and issues that can affect any component of the central heating system. A magnetic filter can lower maintenance costs, as it’s simple to empty once a year along with your annual boiler service.
  3. No surprises. Don’t leave boiler and central heating problems until it becomes a surprise. poor maintenance and lack of care will result in boiler breakdowns and if pipes break, potentially expensive repairs! It’s always best to prevent heating issues than repair them.
  4. Lower energy bills. A top benefit of magnetic filters is it’ll keep your central heating system running in top working order, efficiently providing heat with little waste, cost effectively.
  5. Improved safety. Sudden breaks in the central heating system are dangerous. unfortunately, people can get injured when things in heating systems break – it’s important to have everything checked out with a yearly service! Magnetic filters can prolong components and significantly reduce the risk of anything going wrong with central heating.
  6. Better system performance can also be expected from having a magnetic filter system installed.

Interested in having a magnetic filter fitted? Talk to our friendly team today.

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