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Prepare your home for the autumn in 10 easy steps.

The wind is getting colder, and the days are becoming shorter – autumn is on the way. Before the leaves start covering the street, and blocking the gutters, it’s time to prepare the house for the new season.

Preparing the house for the autumn is a time-consuming task so we suggest you either do it over the weekend, or spread the work through the week.

Our useful guide will help you get your house ready for the autumn season.

  • Cut and fertilise the lawn:

you’ll still need to cut the grass throughout the cold season, but not as often as in the summer. Give it one final trim, and keep an eye on it till March. Autumn is also the perfect time to fertilise your lawn, and prepare it for the spring.

  • Turn off your outdoor tap:

Later in the autumn, when the nights start getting colder, make sure to drain your outdoor taps, sprinkler system and hoses, and turn them off.

  • Clean the gutters:

The autumn is one of the hardest times of the year for your gutters – with storms, strong winds and falling leaves, they are almost certain to get clogged at some point. Make sure to clean your gutters as soon as you see the first falling leaves to prevent water sliding down the walls and damaging the walls and foundations.

  • Clear out and rearrange the shed:

All of your garden tools will have to find their place in the shed, after spending the summer in the garden. Make sure your leaf rakes are close by, and the tools are arranged carefully, or this can pose a health and safety hazard.

  • Bring in your outdoor furniture:

Autumn means rain will be the forecast for the foreseeable future. Make sure your garden furniture is protected, and take in any fabrics, cushions and throws, as they can easily get mouldy.

  • Clean the oven:

As the weather is getting colder, you’ll be more likely to cook hot oven dishes. Give your oven a good clean and make sure it’s ready for the extra pressure.

  • Prepare your boiler for the season:

Most UK households switch on the heating in October, which is only the middle of autumn season. Make sure you book a boiler service as soon as possible to avoid unexpected breakdowns and higher prices.

Arrange a boiler service with Baker Smith Ltd.

  • Bring in potted plants:

If your potted plants enjoyed the summer outside, it’s time to bring them back in. Keep them in the kitchen or living room, ideally with lots of natural light and at a place that will warm for most of the day.

  • Light candles:

Nothing sets a cosy atmosphere like candles – pumpkin spice or mulled cider? Pick one to match the season.

  • Paint your front door:

It’s a great way to add colour to your exterior, when the garden is hibernating. We recommend using a durable paint especially designed for all weather conditions.

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