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Summer Boiler maintenance tips

It might seem like your boiler doesn’t get much use in the summer compared to winter, but that isn’t necessarily true. For example, in hot weather people take more showers – because they are warmer and because they take part in more sports or other outdoor activities. One in five people shower more than once per day in the summer compared to one in ten in the winter. Whether you use your boiler a lot or hardly at all during summer, it’s important to keep your boiler well-maintained all year round so that it’s always working whenever you need it. Here’s how:

  • Take cooler and shorter showers to minimize the strain on your boiler and lower your water usage.
  • Turn on the heating just for ten minutes or so every once in a while, as leaving the system switched off for a long period of time can cause your boiler to seize up and put your pipes at risk of corrosion.
  • Check for fault warning signs such as leaks, cracks, unusual noises, and black sooty marks so that you can detect any problems and get them repaired quickly.
  • Get your boiler serviced in the summer to ensure it’s still in great shape after work hard last winter – and ready to go again during the next one. Here are three reasons why getting your boiler serviced during the summer is a great idea.

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