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Underfloor Heating …. Pros and Cons!

Learning about underfloor heating pros and cons will enable you make better and a more informed decision. Is it worth the potential benefits? Does it perform as well as other methods of heating your home?

Putting underfloor heating (especially a wet rather than an electric system) can be costly and messy. On the other hand, it’s a great way of taking the chill off a cold floor in the bathroom.

Pros of underfloor heating

  • Even Heat Distribution – With other forms of heating, the warmest part of the room is inevitably near the source of the heat. With underfloor heating, you get an even spread of heat across the entire floor area.
  • Lower Running Costs – Underfloor heating when correctly installed, will heat a bigger area than a single radiator. In addition, it runs at a lower temperature providing you with a potential cost saving.
  • Cut Down On Waste – Even when doors and windows are left open, or there are cold droughts around, you floors will always be warm.
  • Out of Sight Out of Mind – Another pro that is often voiced when talking about underfloor heating pros and cons is that it cannot be seen. Not only is it invisible beneath the flooring but it means no ugly radiators or storage heaters. A room’s décor remains unblemished.
  • Compatible with Most Types of Flooring – As long as you don’t have a solid concrete floor, underfloor heating can go below any kind of substrate. The only qualification to this is carpeting. If you like carpeting, a tog of more than 1.5 is recommended.
  • Value for Money – Changes are that having underfloor heating installed will add value to your property. It will undoubtedly add desirability especially for buyers seeking that touch of luxury.
  • Luxury – This is one of the top pros when considering underfloor heating pros and cons. Most owners of underfloor heating appreciate the luxury of having warm floors in winter. There is nothing much colder on your feet than stone of tiled floors in the cold of winter.

Cons of Underfloor Heating

  • Cost – The most significant concern when thinking about underfloor heating pros and cons is that of price. Wet heating can involve considerable installation costs; especially if the floor has been modified to accommodate it.
  • Takes Longer to Warm Up – Underfloor heating first has to heat the floor before any warmth can radiate out. This means it will take longer for the benefit to be felt.
  • Impact on Furniture – It can impact on certain items of furniture or fittings. You may have to consider doing away with some pieces. At best you may have to think about how you arrange your furniture.
  • Size Matters – Choosing the right size of heating is essential. you could find you have a warm floor but that certain areas of rooms remain cold.

You might have to have radiators in specific positions too. That defeats certain objectives.

Another thing to think about when dwelling on underfloor heating pros and cons is the DIY aspect. Competent DIYers and install electrical heating. Wet systems need to be installed by qualified professionals. Are you looking for underfloor heating in St Albans? Get in touch with Baker Smith in St Albans today!

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