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10 Shower Designs to Inspire your Remodel

Choosing a shower design for your next remodel doesn’t have to be difficult or boring, it is important to create a beautiful space that will make taking a shower the best part of your day.While beauty is subjective, there are common themes that will help to make your shower universally appealing, from ensuring there is plenty of natural light incorporating clean, fresh design elements.

Read on for our useful and inspiring shower design tips that will help you make the most of your bathroom.

Creating an atmosphere

We all want a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom – somewhere to refresh and unwind. To achieve this feeling of calm, seek out beautiful materials, gentle colours  and natural textures for your remodel. Plants can help to oxygenate the air and bring nature indoors, but aim to clutter to a minimum. For a calming atmosphere, simplicity is key. Make the most of whatever natural light you have available, and consider installing a dimmer switch for those long evening soaks. For a truly luxurious experience, consider having multiple shower heads installed, or look into adjustable, pulsating shower heads.

Shower tile ideas

Choosing the perfect shower tile ultimately comes down to personal taste. However, your shower’s design may influence what type of tile is likely to be most suitable. Large tiles, for instance  are perfect for barrier-free designs and a slab certainly feels nicer to sit on than smaller tiles, which also offer more slip resistance. Can’t decide? Why not opt for a second choice of tile to make a feature wall? Be sure that any tile that you have chosen is approved for bathroom use.

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Tips for small showers

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxurious hot shower. There are various ways to make your small shower feel bigger, for instance, adding a skylight above the shower or choosing a large, light-coloured wall tiles.

An open concept shower room can help to give the illusion of more space, but it can limit usability if more than one person needs to be in the bathroom. Glass doors can achieve a similar result, giving a sense of open space while keeping the shower separate.

Choosing a shower head

Non of us wants to start our day with a feeble shower. A large rainfall shower head can be a luxurious option, but if you make this choice, bear in mind that these high-volume models need at least 55 pounds per square inch of water pressure to function effectively. It may sound surprising, but for most people, high pressure is actually more important that volume, so if you struggle with poor water pressure in your home, you’ll fare better with a smaller shower head – around 8 inches or less.

The pros and cons of walk-in showers

Walk-in showers have become synonymous with the modern bathroom, and while they can be absolutely gorgeous, they won’t necessarily work for everyone. The pros are clear to see: they’re minimal, easy to clean, and the lace of moving parts means it’s unlikely you’ll suffer any breakages. However, they are certainly a more expensive option, and due to the open plan nature of a walk-in shower, your bathroom is more liable to feel wet and steamy after use.

Frameless doors -yes or no?

If you’re having a new shower installation, it’s worth thinking about the type of shower door you’re going to go for. An increasingly popular choice is the frameless shower door – custom glass shower door that look beautiful and are less likely to become mouldy than those with rubber or plastic edging. They are generally a little more expensive than your average shower door as they require thicker glass, and while they look very good, they tend to be less effective at preventing leaks.

The Bathtub shower combo

The classic space-saving combination of a bathtub and shower is a smart choice for people who don’t have room for both, giving you either option and improving your home’s value. Prefab units  range from basic and affordable to luxury or even custom units with tiled walls, shelving, special fixtures – you name it. One of the benefits of a prefab stall is that installation is very simple, even for the most novice DIY enthusiasts. Be sure to take exact measurements before you start browsing, so you know what size you are looking for.

Let’s talk about valves

Before you go ahead and buy a new shower, it’s really worth taking some time to learn about the different types of shower valves that are available. A little research now could give you a much better showering experience for years to come! For instance, shower valves are either thermostatic or manual, and with a thermostatic shower valve, you can wave goodbye to being scalded in the shower every time someone flushes the toilet elsewhere. If this sounds familiar, a thermostatic shower valve is the one for you.

In addition, shower valves are categorised by the number of controls that they have. Usually ranging from 1 to 3, the more controls you opt for, the more you will be able to adapt the pressure and temperature of your shower. You may also want to consider more than one outlet, if you want a second, hand held shower head, for instance.

Acrylic vs. Fiberglass

Ceramic and stone tiles are very popular and beautiful options for the bathroom, but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper and easier to maintain, acrylic and fiberglass shower units might be just what you need. Not only are they less expensive, they’re also easier to install and won’t require sealing and grout cleaning. While acrylic and fiberglass shower units are both easy to clean and maintain, acrylic is a more durable option than fiberglass, and one that’s unlikely to become scratched or lose it’s sheen over time.

The finishing touches: Shower accessories

The right shower gadgets and accessories can make a real difference to your experience in the bathroom, and are the perfect way to incorporate something novel or quirky. Waterproof shower speakers are growing in popularity, they are attached to the walls with a suction cup and can be synced with your smartphone to listen to music as you shower.

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