20th March 2019



                      Blocked drains and toilets cleared fast


  • Nothing is quite as inconvenient as a blocked toilet
  • As part of our work to clear a blockage, we often use a high end machine to identify whether a foreign object is blocking the drain, if there is a build up of fat or if the drain itself has become structurally unsound.
  • Even when the blockage has been cleared away, sometimes it is difficult to identify what has caused the problem.
  • Fortunately, whether your blockage is internal or external, we can get it sorted for you as quickly as possible.
  • Remember, we also clear blocked sinks, baths and showers.


Blocked drains

Blocked Drains are always problematic, and more often than not occur at the most inconvenient times. Call our drainage experts for a fast and friendly response to clear that                                           drain blockage.

Blocked sink

A blocked sink can be a huge problem and also a health hazard, we will be able to locate and clear the blockage quickly and effectively.

Blocked baths and basins 

 A blocked bath preventing water from draining away? Our friendly and professional engineer can repair and clear the problem.


Blocked drains and pipework can prevent your shower water draining away smoothly, if at all. Give us a call to ensure the blockage is cleared quickly, to get your shower back                                         to normal.

Blocked toilet

      A blocked toilet is always an annoying and inconvenient problem, our engineers can attend today to sort out the problem in minimal time.

Blocked pipe

Pipes get blocked for different reasons depending on their use and the location. Sometimes they can be very hard to clear , however, our knowledgeable engineers will be                                                  able to determine the  problem and fix it in no time.


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